Carbon cars tuning in Marbella

AutoNewArt presents to you up-to-date and modern solution in tuning the car, carbon-fiber.  Dull factory plastic will play with the nobility of super cars, unobtrusive elements of the interior will be captivated by admiring glances. The use of this material in the interior of the car is almost unlimited: plastic inserts, torpedo lining, diffuser stoves, handles, lids, all kinds of stubs, etc. In addition to aesthetics, the pellet solves a number of practical problems: wear resistance, impact strength, resistance to temperature changes. AutoNewArt Marbella company is pleased to offer you carbon-fiber elements for all car brands: BMW, Audi, Porsche, Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, Lamborghini, Mini Cooper, etc. Interior and exterior elements. This material will make your car more visible and individual! It is a durable and reliable material that is very popular all over the world!


Examples of elements

carbon car elements by Autonewart
carbon car elements by Autonewart
Carbon style by Autonewart
carbon tuning in Marbella
carbon car elements by Autonewart
carbon car elements by Autonewart

Advantages of carbon

Strength with elasticity, along with many other undeniable advantages: Lighter steel by 40%, lighter than aluminum by 20% (1.7 g / cm3 — 2.8 g / cm3 — 7.8 g / cm3), Carbon and Kevlar is much stronger than carbon and rubber, it does not crumble into shrapnel, High heat resistance: the carbon retains its shape and properties to a temperature of 2000 ° C. Has good vibration damping properties and heat capacity, Corrosion resistance, High tensile strength and high elastic limit, Aesthetics and decorativeness.

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