About AUTONEWART customs exhaust systems

Car service AutoNewArt in Marbella is engaged in custom exhaust system and tuning of systems for more than 10 years. Our team can manufacture and install any exhaust system on components of such world manufacturers as Borla, MagnaFlow, Akrapovic, Buzzer, MG-race, and also to make custom exhaust system taking into account the individual characteristics of the car and the wishes of customers. We will help you achieve the desired sound of your car, as well as improve the design and appearance of the custom exhaust system.

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custom exhaust system

Allow yourself the luxury of controlling the sound of your car! Introducing a set of vacuum exhaust regulator — sound control!
The vacuum shutter is closed from the wireless remote controller. This kit includes everything completely: the vacuum shutter, stainless steel bends, control unit with vacuum pump, silicone hose, absorber controller, wires, tees and check valve, two control panels.
Car service AutoNewArt specialists can give you all necessary information about custom exhaust system.


Active exhaust this is: These are the columns placed in the barrels of the muffler under the bottom of the car. All components are factory-quality + tuning unit for adaptation with other models. The system does not affect the warranty in any way, as it is connected via the CAN bus and is not injected into the regular exhaust in any way. Communication with engine speed via CAN bus. It is possible to configure up to 5 exhaust programs via the mobile application and switch them through the vehicle’s standard button.


custom exhaust system

You’ll like the new expressive sound of your car by AutoNewArt, which will emphasize its character and bring pleasure. If you are not satisfied with the regular sound of the car’s exhaust system, you can change it by contacting us. The standard desire is to increase the volume of the sound and change the key — increase the «bass» and stiffness. Specialists take into account the tastes and wishes of each client, making for your convenience the selection and fitting of mufflers and all necessary details of the exhaust system. 


custom exhaust system

Car service offers installation corrugations, the installation cavity for redemption primary waves — from 20.00 euros, replacement of components (middle, back), replacement joints, sealing elements (gaskets, rings), restoration of integrity backbone geometry (pipe bends), repair collector (steel & iron), replacement of catalysts resonators installation of decorative attachments, removing the catalyst placed in the reservoir, the recovery airtight connections (sealant, replacement yokes, couplings).



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