Porsche Panamera 2011

Panamera galery


Changes in this car concerned not only the exhaust system, but also the exterior. It was decided to make the appearance of the Porsche Pamanera unique by changing the bumpers and upgrading the exhaust system.
1) In the front bumper increased the height of the front diffuser, lengthened the fangs, inserted transverse sabers and added decorative gills.
2) In the rear bumper zamonolitili 2 components, also flat planes supplemented with decorative gills, made a more expressive diffuser under the muffler nozzles and increased the «fins» of the bottom insert.
3) The exhaust system was upgraded to get a more aggressive sound by removing the stock resonator with an internal X-pipe, and the rear tips were covered in a black mat with a laser engraving of the Mansory brand.
4) chip tuning

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