Tailpipes BuZZer

Tailpipes BuZZer

The company Buzzer began production of tips to the muffler and exhaust parts in 2006 in Poland. Tailpipes BuZZer and spare parts are made of high quality materials — stainless steel. All products comply with European quality standards.

Among the products you will find the perfect tips for your car. Buzzer tips are presented in various shapes and sizes: oval, square, double, rectangular, trapezoid. With perforation and without it. Polished stainless steel keeps its original appearance for a long time. To update the tips, they just need to be polished.  You cannot only purchase this product, but also install it on our auto service in Marbella. We’ll help you to fit your stock bumper under the tips or offer a different bumper model.

Tuning shop AutoNewArt carries out wholesale deliveries of the given production under the prices of the manufacturer. Upon request, we will send you a catalog with products, as well as provide pricelist with prices for all positions.

Advantages tailpipes BuZZer

High-quality tainless steel
Wide variety of models
Universal models
Acceptable prices
Modern design
1 year warranty

Tailpipes BuZZer for cars:

BMW, Audi, Nissan
Seat, Fiat, Peugeot
Mercedes-Benz, Infiniti
Mazda, Honda, Smart
Jaguar, Bentley, Mini Cooper
Porsche, Land Rover & etc.


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Included Taxes & Checkup

Short Description

Please feel free to contact us to request to get personal assistance to learn more about the BuZZer individualization options for your car.

Shop AutoNewArt works on preorder.

We work with wholesale deliveries.

Delivery from 5 days to 2 weeks.


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