Tuning Hamann

Tuning Hamann

Tuning HAMANN is one of the big names among the refiners of exclusive cars. Equipped with intelligent functionality, convincing technology, and captivating aesthetics, they trigger admiration wherever they appear: on race tracks, streets, or car parks. Worldwide name.

The HAMANN tuning programme offers unique and comprehensive refinement components for BMW models of almost all currently available Series and body versions: from the compact 1 and 2 Series, the popular 3 and 5 Series to the luxurious 7-series BMW. For example, real carbon-fibre bonnets with power dome for the M4 and the X6 in lightweight technology with highest design quality. Over and over again, HAMANN’s packages for approved power advancement impress. For the AMG G55, the large kit means 600 hp, splendid 795 Nm torque and an acceleration to 100 km/h within 5.1 seconds. The top speed increases from 210 to imposing 261 km/h – a steam hammer on the street.

For the Lamborghini to appear adequately on the street, tuning HAMANN of course has suitable light-alloy wheels in its programme. The forged light-alloy wheels “Professional” are true highlights for the Aventador. For ideal transmission to the road, HAMANN offers suitable light-alloy wheels such as the “Edition Race” or the “Unique Forged” which are available in differing finishes for almost all Range Rover models. The wheels can, of course, be equipped with the suitable high-performance tyres with appropriate speed rating. The accessories and tuning offered for Jaguar F-PACE by Hamann support the fundamental appeal of the brand through high-quality visual and performance-enhancing adaptations and offer the Jaguar enthusiast solutions in many areas for the desired individualization of the vehicle. 

Tuning Hamann

Engine powerkit
Aerodynamic kits
ABS-plastic & Carbon Exterior
Carbon Interior Package
Exhaust systems

Hamann for cars

Mercedes-Benz GLE 63S, G63, G55, SLS
BMW 1-7 series, X5, X6 & etc.
Jaguar R-PACE
Lamborghini coupe / roadster
Range Rover Sport / Evoque
Rolls-Royce Wraith

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    I want to say thank very much! I bought ANNIVERSARY EVO Black wheels in AutoNewArt tuning shop for BMW Z4 — the originals arrived, of the highest quality, the price is adequate for Hamann products!)

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