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Vossen Wheels

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Vossen Wheels is dedicated to providing quality wheels and lifestyle products for those who value excellence. Our brand aims to reflect a passion for ingenuity and a desire to impact not only the automotive world, but culture at large.

For years, Vossen has represented a dedication to luxury of the highest order. All of our products are put through stringent testing toensure maximum efficiency and performance. This attention to detail allows for a consistency in everything that bears our name. As a result, we are able to offer an industry leading five year workmanship warranty and a lifetime structural warranty.
 Vossen’s in-house finishing facility utilizes state of-the-art equipment to produce only the highest quality finishes. From ceramic polishing to powder coating, all Vossen Forged wheels maintain industry-leading quality by monitoring every step of the process with the utmost scrutiny.
To achieve the highest quality finish, each wheel is hand-sanded and deburred after machining. Wheels receiving a brushed finish undergo an extended hand-sanding process, taking up to five hours each, to produce an even, brushed facade throughout the wheel.
The most time-consuming-yet-rewarding part of the finishing process is brushing and polishing.Offered as upgrade options in every Vossen Forged line, brushed wheels reveal the beauty in the forged aluminum grain while full ceramic polishing creates a mirror-like finish. Brushing and polishing can also be mixed for the best of both worlds.

The Vossen team offers more than 60 models of wheels, more than 40 colors! Your car is completely converted with these wheels.
Specialist tuning spop of the AutoNewArt will help you with the selection of the right size and suitable model.
We are waiting for your applications! 

Vossen Wheels models

VPS 301-318
LC 101-109
CG 201-210
VWS 1-3
NV 1-2
HC 1-3
ML-R 1-3
UV 1-2

Vossen Wheels colors

Midnight smoke
Gloss clear
Vintage rose
Gloss red
Matte blue
Gloss black & more than 40 colors

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Please feel free to contact us to request to get personal assistance to learn more about models and colors Vossen wheels for your car.

Tuning Shop AutoNewArt works on preorder.

Delivery from 5 days to 2 weeks.

More information can be found on page Wheels

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