Your diesel or gasoline engine doesn’t sound like a real sports car? Would you like to hear the roar of an 8-cylinder engine? The Active Sound Marbella can even do it on an electric car!

Sound Booster Pro fits for almost all cars. Especially in times of aggravating environmental situations and a trend towards lower fuel consumption, Sound Booster Pro is the ideal solution for creating powerful exhaust sound. Now you do not need a V8 engine with a huge expense, nor an expensive exhaust system to make your car sound like a super-power sports car. And the most interesting, Active Sound System easily turns on and off at the touch of a button.

Why sound booster is right for you?

  1. The original appearance of the car remains unchanged
  2. No welding when installing
  3. Powerful sound of the V6 / V8 engine by pressing 1 button
  4. Remote system setup
  5. 6 sound options
  6. Engine power is not reduced.

IMPORTANT: the car with installed active sound retains a factory warranty.

The system consists of a signal generator synchronized with real engine speed, an amplifier, and one or two resonators. Various sound files are stored in the system control unit, of which, depending on the car model and the current mode (load, speed), is played through the resonator. You can install such a system on any car. The only requirement is a CAN BUS system.

Switching of the modes and switching off can be made from regular buttons of the car, an additional charm or App on phone.

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    Sound Booster marbella
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  • Active sound Marbella tuning exhaust system

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