Aquaprint or HydroGraphics or Immersion printing!

Aquaprint technology involves the use of special water-soluble films that can be used to decorate the surface and get ‘coating’ imitating composite materials, carbon, protective camouflage coloring, the skin of animals, reptiles, wood structure, stone, etc.

This technology is applicable to update and change the cars (interior and exterior), as well as motorcycles / bicycles, interior items!
Opportunities are limited only by your imagination.

First of all, let’s designate all the pros of immersion printing. So, the pros:

  • resistant to ultraviolet radiation;
  • it is short-term resistant to active solvents (acetone, solvent No. 646, No. 647);
  • can be applied to plastic, wood, glass, MDF and other materials;
  • resistant to light solvents (kerosene, gasoline, white spirit);
  • the maximum temperature of heating is 200 degrees without damaging the surface;
  • it is steady on pushing (stacking);
  • resistant to water and food acids;
  • products with aquaprint easily transfer washing under high pressure and aren’t afraid of vibration;
  • aquaprint is comparable to painting products, therefore, it doesn’t fade in the sun, does not crack and does not peel off;
  • resistant to abrasion;
  • the coating is uniform, has no stains, stains, haze and wrinkling effect;
  • a large selection of decoration options, a huge selection of films (under the wood, animal skins, carbon fiber, aluminum and ect.);
  • the coating can be operated at high and low temperatures;
  • can withstand washing with steam and seawater.
  • Aquaprint
    Aquaprint blue carbon
  • Aquaprint
    Aquaprint red snake
  • Aquaprint
    Aquaprint gold carbon

Specialists of Tuning Autonewart Marbella have extensive experience of work with immersion printing. Our service is equipped with special equipment that allows printing on the surface of more than 1 meter.
We have a wide selection design of films: from classic to modern.

Chemical Metallization

Tuning Autonewart Marbella

Our company «Tuning Autonewart» offers the application of a mirror coating on any surface with the Chemical Metallization technologies in Marbella. Chrome plating from metal to gypsum. Decorative chrome plating of any surfaces. Colored chrome (blue, pink, purple, green, violet, orange), including gold and copper.

Possible directions:

  • Car details
  • Furniture items
  • Appliances
  • Plumbing elements
  • Wooden crafts
  • Advertising designs
  • Souvenirs
  • Iron Gate
  • Antiques & ect.

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