Take your ride to the next level with chip tuning by RaceChip 

You aren’t just driving by car to get from A to B, but long roads & speed make your heart jump? We’ll help with RaceChip you unlock the maximum performance of your engine. And make sure that you never want to get out of the car again.

  • Up to 20% – 35% more HP and torque. RaceChip performance optimisation unlocks up to 30 % more power.
  • Engine warranty included. Thanks to our comprehensive engine warranty you and your ride are protected.
  • Up to 10-15% fuel saving. The significant increase in torque enables earlier shifts which leads to less consumption.

Chip tuning by RaceChip

How much more power can I get with chip tuning?

Significantly more: depending on the engine in your vehicle and the RaceChip model you choose, you can get up to 30% more power and 30% more torque. And our chip tuning always stays well within the reserves built into an engine.

Race Chip Marbella

RaceChip XLR – driving dynamics as you want

RaceChip XLR was developed to increase responsiveness on the road. This innovative throttle tuning system lets tune your engine’s reactions to your taste – choose from 7 separate stages. You’ll love your car’s improved dynamics – we promise.
racechip tuning
Your engine’s performance isn’t affected by RaceChip XLR, but you can access it more immediately and directly. Experience significantly sharper responses for yourself – no waiting for the message to get through or frustrating “pauses for thought”.


How does chip tuning differ from remapping / OBD tuning?

Chip tuning (via a power box) works without changing the manufacturer’s hardware and software; all the systems protecting the engine remain intact, you can easily install the box yourself, and your vehicle can be restored completely to the factory settings.
OBD (on-board diagnostics) tuning accesses the manufacturer’s settings for the engine management and electronics systems, and changes them, usually permanently. Installation generally involves significant cost and cannot be reversed completely.

Is RaceChip engine tuning guaranteed to be safe?

Yes- It’s simple, tested and safe. The gains from RaceChip tuning are always well within the vehicle’s performance reserves. There are no physical changes made to the engine. We only make use of the thermal and mechanical reserves built into every production engine.
RaceChip offers a warranty of up to 2 years on the major engine components (e.g. turbocharger) and ancillary parts (e.g. gearbox) and a product guarantee of up to 5 years on the chip box itself.


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