Sooner or later, many car owners face the breakdown of the generator and starter. And they ask themselves: repair or go to the store for a new device?

Even modern generators and starters, sharpened by the work of the “start-stop”, are arranged quite simply and do not have fundamental differences from their ancestors. However, before carrying tired nodes into repair. It is important to make sure that the electrician of the car as a whole is in good order and our heroes are not terrorized by other enemies. Otherwise, soon you will have to re-give decent money for repairs or restoration.

Also, the resource of the generator drops noticeably if it is in the zone of leakage of oil or antifreeze.

A course of treatment

After eliminating possible problems in the electrics of the car and other defects. You can proceed to a detailed check of the starter and / or generator.

The recovery process is almost the same for starters and alternators of various types, be it liquid cooled options or start-stop system nodes. The latter. Roughly speaking, differ only in enhanced components that provide enhanced performance. All worn parts are replaced with new ones.

With a high-quality restoration of nodes, they will live about the same as new ones. The only limitation with their repair is economic expediency. In case of some damage it will be cheaper to buy a new generator or starter.

The choice between original spare parts and substitutes depends on the specific car model. For example. For generators of many models of VW and Jaguar, only native relay regulators are suitable.

But in most other cases, it is preferable to take replacement parts. They are cheaper and often of higher quality and free from the sores of the original products.

If you think that you have the problem with the generator or starter.  Call us +34 604 188 965.
Our company “Tuning Autonewart” will identify the fault and help with the choice: repair or replacement.

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