Passing ITV

Preparing cars and passing  ITV (MOT)

If you don’t speak Spanish very well, your car was brought from another country or you simply don’t have time to go through ITV – our specialists will prepare the car without any problems and passing  ITV.

Technical inspection (or MOT in the UK) in Spain is called ITV – Inspección Técnica de Vehículos. ITV is held at special technical stations, which are several in each province. Buying a car, be sure to ask about the schedule of its passage ITV. You can sign up at will via the Internet or can also come without an appointment.

If you live in Marbella, the nearest authorized ITV centres are in Málaga, Fuengirola, San Pedro de Alcántara and Estepona.

ITV passage depends on when the car was first licensed. ITV is not required if the vehicle is less than 4 years old. If he is over 4 years old, he will need ITV every 2 years until he is 10 years old. If he is over 10 years old, ITV will be required annually.

What Documents do Need that to pass the ITV?

  • Ficha Tecnica – The technical data sheet from the last ITV passed.
  • Permiso de Ciruclacion – Vehicles registration document.
  • Most recent receipt relating to the latest insurance policy
  • DNI/NIE identification

How Much Does the ITV Inspection Cost in Spain? (approx. prices)

  • Gasoline (less than 1600cc),+ hybrid + disabled = €39,69
  • Cars Gasoline (more than 1600cc), vans and campers = €48.16
  • Diesel (less than 1600cc) + hybrid + disabled = €42,41
  • Cars Diesel (more than 1600cc) = €53,88

If you don’t want to spend time and effort on ITV passing. Call us, we will solve this problem.

For all questions, please write on WhatsApp: +34 684 188 965 | +34 604 188 965

We also offer diagnostics and repair of your car.

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