Exhaust system AutoNewArt

AutoNewArt is engaged in modernization and tuning of exhaust systems for more than 10 years. Our team can manufacture and install any exhaust system on components of such world manufacturers as Borla, MagnaFlow, Akrapovic, Buzzer, MG-race, and also to make custom system taking into account the individual characteristics of the car and the wishes of customers. We will help you achieve the desired sound of your car, as well as improve the design and appearance of the exhaust system. Tuning AutoNewArt is the professional tuning shop and car service in Marbella (Malaga).

We cooperate with the most famous brands in the world market.

  • Akrapovic
  • Novitec
  • Capristo
  • Borla
  • TechArt
  • Hamann
  • MagnaFlow
  • Buzzer
  • Custom system

We offer our customers the opportunity to improve vehicle performance by replacing the original muffler with professional exhaust systems from the best global manufacturers, as well as their own production. You will be pleased with everything — from the sporty sound of the exhaust system, to increasing the power of the car and just the appearance.

Controlled exhaust systems

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Pol. La Hermita, Calle Mercurio, 22, Marbella, Malaga CP 29603


+34 604 188 965 +34 672 634 321

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