car reissuanceCar reissuance and customs clearance in Spain

Our company Tuning Autonewart specializes in importing cars from Europe, the CIS and can help with car reissuance.

We can provide customs clearing services directly in the Spain. Our team works with trusted agents in other regions to clear your vehicle whether its a normal car, sports car, 4×4, Motorhome or Truck.

Tuning Autonewart can advise on the best method of import to Spain. Ensuring you are ready to legally drive in both the Spain and Europe.

We have strong infrastructure, direct connections and knowledge to help you with all your requirements.

  • Permanent & Temporary Import requirements.
  • Carnet Requirements.
  • Local laws and customs.
  • Insurance providers.
  • Local agents and partners.

You can be assured of the best possible advice and reliable partners every step of the way.

Also, our company will be able to provide additional services: ITV passage, insurance, vehicle technical condition check, car repair and painting.  Even more we will be able to offer tuning your car.

Our works and offers can be seen on the Facebook page.

If you have any questions, please contact us.


WhatsApp: +34 684 188 965 / +34 604 188 965.




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