Carbon tuning & lamination in Marbella

At now, there are a great many options to transform your car, ranging from the banal repainting, and ending with a complete reworking of both body elements and the interior. Currently, carbon tuning has become very popular. Carbon fiber as we know it is one of the most impressive materials. Its incredible lightness and strength has seen it take hold in everything from competitive cycling, to supercar design to cutting edge aircraft.

Tuning Autonewart supplies carbon fiber elements for all brands of cars and bicycles! We work with the best manufacturers of carbon elements in the world, and we also laminate any elements in our car service (classic or forged carbon). The car can be transformed beyond recognition! You will get a unique car with improved aerodynamic and design characteristics. Our team offers you not only classic carbon, but also multicolored and forged carbon.

  • Carbon Tuning Marbella
  • Carbon Tuning Marbella
    Carbon marbella
  • Carbon tuning marbella

Carbon elements

  • Spoiler
  • Hood
  • Diffuser
  • Front and rear bumpers
  • Front and rear fenders
  • Side skirts
  • Wide moldings
  • Air ducts and grills
  • All other elements

Advantages and disadvantages of carbon elements

Carbon tuning has both advantages and disadvantages. The main advantages are durability and low weight. The strength of carbon isn’t inferior to most metals, and by weight carbon is 40% lighter than steel and 20% lighter than aluminum. In addition, carbon fiber parts are superior in strength to fiberglass parts. This is due to the widespread use of carbon in motor sports. Many experts argue that carbon cann’t be restored after damage. However, to restore the original carbon look is simply impossible. Therefore, after even minor damage, the entire part will have to be changed entirely.
Tuning AutoNewArt Marbella will help you to return the original appearance of the carbon fiber element, there is not much damage.

Now about the minuses. The first thing that slows down the promotion of carbon in the “mass of motorists” is of course the price. Cost of parts made of carbon fiber is much higher than similar parts of fiberglass.
The disadvantage of carbon fiber can be attributed, and the fear of punches. For example, a carbon fiber hood after some time of operation may turn into a sieve after frequent hitting of small stones.


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