service maintenanceCar service maintenance and servicing basics to increase your car’s longevity

Service maintenance – periodic maintenance, during which disassembly of the machine is required according to the instructions for use and recommendations of the service center.

For some reason, lots of people neglect basic service maintenance on their car. Their philosophy is “Hey, it’s running, so what’s the problem?”. The excuses never end: “I just don’t have the time”. “I don’t know anything about cars”.

There are all sorts of ways to kill a perfectly good vehicle, and one of the most common is to neglect basic maintenance. Driving too long on the same spark plugs, forgetting to change the oil and turning a deaf ear to squealing brakes or mysterious clunking sounds can mean an early trip to the junkyard for your vehicle.

You can also be fined for failing to look after your car. Police at random roadworthy checks can cite you for bald tyres, faulty brake lights, a broken seat belt, a cracked windscreen and a whole host of other issues.

Keeping your car in tip-top condition keeps you safer on the road and can save you heaps of money in the long-term. When it comes to your vehicle, prevention is 1000 times better than cure. Basic upkeep is cheaper than major repairs caused by neglect.

If you:
  1. look under your bonnet regularly
  2. listen for unusual car noises.
  3. check underneath the car for new mysterious leaks now and then
  4. follow the service schedule in your owner’s manual
  5. take care of small problems before they become major ones

you’ll be well ahead of the game as far as keeping your car running smoothly.

Maintenance includes:

1. replace the engine oil and filters air, oil, fuel, cabin (10,000 – 15,000 km),
2. replace brake pads, brake fluid,
3. replace fluids (antifreeze, wiper, etc.),
4. replace the gearbox oil,
5. replace the spark plugs,
6. replace light bulb,
7. car body inspection.

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