Fuel system repair: the system includes a tank for storing fuel, a line (for supplying fuel from the tank to the engine), a fuel pump (creating working pressure in system), a device for preparing a combustible mixture (carburetor of old cars or an injection system for modern cars), one or more filters for cleaning fuel from impurities. As well as the air supply and purification subsystem.

The fuel system is designed to store fuel on board a vehicle, feed it to the engine, supply and clean air, prepare a working fuel-air mixture of the desired composition and feed it to cylinders. And also outlet for exhaust gases and neutralization of toxic components in them.


Malfunctions of the fuel system directly affect the operation of the engine (it may not start, it is unstable to idle, not to develop full power and not to have the proper level of acceleration).

These consequences are caused by a disruption in the supply and / or metering of fuel (clogged fuel or air filters, clamped lines, low productivity / failure of the fuel pump, etc.).

In addition, the fuel system must be leakproof – to prevent leakage of fuel. For modern gasoline machines that meet the standards of toxicity of Euro-2 and above. As a result, fuel evaporation is also unacceptable.

Car fuel system repair

Any operations with the fuel system should begin with a thorough diagnosis.

The typical list of works in the repair of the automotive fuel system:

  • replacement of fuel (and / or air) cleaning filters;
  • checking / replacing injection system sensors;
  • repair / calibration of the controller;
  • repair of the fuel pump (including replacement of the relay, replacement of the check valve);
  • check / replace fuel regulator;
  • flushing fuel injectors;
  • flushing the fuel tank (soldering if necessary);
  • and other work.

So the best fuel system prevention is the timely and regular use of special cleaners.

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