Your diesel or gasoline engine doesn`t sound like a real sports car? Do you want to hear the roar of an 8-cylinder engine?

We introduce a revolutionary electronic exhaust system called THOR — just one metal-encased superpowerful loudspeaker and a mobile application will turn your vehicle into a legendary sports car. You will be the owner of a new car every new day!


THOR represents one or two superpowerful loudspeakers housed in spheroidal structures made of titanium-steel alloy. The system is suitable for absolutely any modern car. You will only need CAN-bus of your car`s engine to install THOR system. It is CAN-bus via which a complete synchronization of electronic exhaust system and your engine operation is performed. Installation warranty is two years. Service life of the device is unlimited.

The device was developed in Germany, made in Russia.

IMPORTANT: the car with installed active sound retains a factory warranty.


As a result, a team of programmers, engineers, mechanics and sound engineers updates THOR database each month. All sounds are recorded using legendary “live” engines. The main focus of THOR team`s work is an ultimately accurate and realistic imitation of the way each exhaust system sounds.




The system consists of a signal generator synchronized with real engine speed, an amplifier, and one or two resonators. Various sound files are stored in the system control unit, of which, depending on the car model and the current mode (load, speed), is played through the resonator. You can install such a system on any car. The only requirement is a CAN BUS system.


Download THOR App at App Store or Google Play. Now you have a huge car fleet with dozens of world car-making industry masterpieces in your hands. You can listen and buy any exhaust system represented as an audio track, and integrate it into your car directly from your smartphone.


You can select, download, test and install a “new exhaust sound” online by using Thor App and Bluetooth. Adjust volume, tone of idling run/driving stroke of your engine, level of engine operation fluctuation. Also number of shooting and tone of high-speed governor to create your own unique sound.


Switch downloaded tracks on the move without distracting from the road. Your safety is our top priority, so in addition to mobile app, we have added a feature to operate the Thor exhaust system by using standard car buttons.


Active Sound Thor


– 35db – 35db sound is similar to the sound of BMW M3 exhaust system

Active Sound Thor

Active Sound Thor


– 50db – 50db sound is similar to the sound of Mercedes AMG C63 exhaust systemxs

Active Sound Thor


Active Sound Thor

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