In connection with a reduced burden, increased consumption of oil or fuel, soot on candles, release of more toxic gases from mining (smoke from their exhaust pipe) or for other reasons, engine overhaul may be required, and the cost of working in such a situation is one of the main criteria for choosing an car service. In the company “Tuning Autonewart” prices for repair of gasoline and diesel engines are available, since we have been working in this area for a long time and we have all the necessary equipment for the prompt overhaul of the engine.

Our engine repair car service in Marbella performs a full range of activities to get a reliable and 100% functioning engine:

  • We competently carry out the assembly and disassembly of engines, observing all the recommendations of manufacturers and instructions of technological flow charts.
  • We have modern stands that allow you to perform accurate engine diagnostics and determine all causes of malfunctions.
  • Our specialists have extensive experience, allowing them to properly use the information obtained during the diagnostics and to perform engine repair in a short time.

If the engine of your car has a malfunction, contact us! We will help in restoring the work of the engine, offering high-quality repair services.

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