Exhaust System Repair in Marbella

Tuning AutoNewArt has repair and tuning exhaust systems more than 10 years.
When we repair exhaust systems, we always get higt result!

Give your car a special voice!


  • Exhaust systems repair
  • Installation of tips
  • Replacement of flexible joints
  • Installation of resonators
  • Removal of catalysts and particulate filters
  • Installation of mufflers
  • Manufacture of exhaust systems
  • Production of Y, H, X-Pipe, Downpipe
  • Tuning exhaust system
  • Install system “Active Sound”


Sooner or later, everybody faces a broken catalyst or particulate filter. Usually this collision is accompanied by a loss of power, the loss of the former thrust, an increase in fuel consumption and the glow of a malfunction lamp on the instrument panel. Foreign unpleasant smell or noise from under the bottom are also says of problems with the catalyst.

This detail, like any other, has its own resource, which can be significantly reduced by low-quality fuel or short-distance driving with a cold engine. Two main problems with the catalyst can be noted – the shedding of ceramic honeycombs or their clogging by combustion products.

The most expensive option – to replace a faulty catalyst with a new one. The cost of the new original catalyst starts from 400.00 EUR.
Replacing the old catalyst with a new universal one, the cost of which is 150-300 EUR.
More effective – removal of the catalyst with the subsequent installation of a flame arrester.

If you have any questions about the repair of the exhaust system – call us and come to the diagnosis.
We will tell you the best solution to your problem!

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